When it all comes together, 
a creative life has the nourishing power
we associate normally with food, love, and faith.

- Twyla Tharp 


fearless creativity as a young child with paper and paint and crayons. There was no internal judgment or editorializing, simply enjoyment of color and line possibilities. Then there was a very long artistic quietude. Life was busy with  science focused education, marriage and kids and becoming a nurse midwife, and working. My kids grew up and moved out, and I had a prolonged health crisis that led to an unexpected opening of time and space. What came in was curiosity about how a silent empty page or canvas could change into a method of communication both with myself and others.

While primarily intrigued by portraiture and figurative work, landscapes and intuitive abstractions,  my exploration has been deepened and directed by a corresponding immersion into a daily meditative practice. For the last few years I have also had a daily art practice.  My sweet spot is where the two intersect. While I have never met a medium I don't like, I am currently working primarily with encaustic,  cold wax, acrylic, and pastels. I particularly enjoy plein air and life drawing. When I travel, I bring a sketchbook and watercolors. 2017 was the first year I began to show and sell paintings.

Current Favorite Painting


Recent Works